Never settle for anything less than the best.

Sometimes being selfish is a form of selflessness.

You walk into a store and you pick up a product. Quality’s good, price is reasonable so you head straight to the cashier. On the way, a similar product caught your eye. This time, the quality is top-notch, and the price still remains reasonable. What’s the next most likely situation? You switch products and discard the initial one in some random shelf near the cashier.

Now let’s put things into perspective. What if, the product is not a product but a human? A live, emotive, human who has feelings, who has ears, who has a brain capable enough to comprehend that it has just been rejected right after it was accepted, but ironically has a heart that has as much autonomy as an inanimate product…?

Now don’t you think, everyone’s misery would’ve been spared if you didn’t so carelessly picked up something that can be easily forsaken right from the beginning…?


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