Speak Blessings.

I was on a cab and had a fairly pleasant conversation with the driver. He was a traditional Chinese man, old but full of life. The journey was pretty long, along the way we chatted on quite a few topics, news, politics – typical cabbie uncle topics. From casinos to soccer betting, I learnt that he buys lottery and 4D frequently. When asked about the winnings, he says he’s won and lost his fair share, but it’s more of the idea of the suspense and excitement rather than the obsession of striking rich. I saw his eyes lit up as he spoke.

My destination was at the driving learning center so he asked if I was learning driving and I said yes. Cheerfully, he exclaimed “Jia You! 加油!” I smiled. Not sure if I was more touched by his encouragement, by his positivity or the mere occurrence that I could connect with a complete stranger thrice my age.

Before I alighted, I said to him (in Chinese) “May you win a grand prize! 祝你中大奖!” He chuckled gleefully and exclaimed “May you pass on your first try! 祝你一次就及格!” Well, that’s way better than winning bets for me! We parted, all smiles.

I guess this is the power of blessings.


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