If silence is golden then writing is pure liquid gold.

People tend to keep their thoughts to themselves in an attempt to blanket themselves from the words of fury spurted out in a moment of impulse. They fail to realise that although no communication is better than failed communication, the severity of prolonged lack of communication might very well be more destructive than it appears to be.

What to do, what to do? How can one stay calm and inoffensive when already provoked? The answer is by writing, and always writing. Speaking wise, I’m not as tactful with my words as I’d like to be so writing gives me some space to sharpen or blunt my tongue.

Writing is a liberating form of expression. It gives you time to think through, reflect and release pent up emotions even if you didn’t send it out in the end.

Writing is also a way of rationalizing my innermost controversial thoughts and my way of challenging social norms in my own small, insignificant voice in a place I call my world.


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