The hard truth about friends who are no longer there.

At this current juncture, I’ve entered the workforce for 3 years now. I now truly understand when adults bitterly tell me that friendships are temporal and will eventually fade off.

I’m a people person, I don’t just like people, I love people, I invest time and effort to the people who are close to me, and I have chosen the less taken path of the hospitality career to dedicate my life to the service of people.

I used to have 20 close friends that I can call up (or vice versa) at 2am in the morning to whine my sorrows away, and 50 friends I used to enjoy hanging out on a bi-monthly basis; Obviously, that has changed.

No matter how much someone once meant to you, here are a list of people you need to purge out of your life right now:

1) People who are unresponsive.

All it takes is 2 seconds to respond to your message. If your ‘friend’ takes days to reply, and you constantly feel like you have to chase for a response, face up the truth, you mean nothing to them.

2) People who replies you, but never actually meets you.

Sure, these are one of the well-mannered lot, and they might possibly have a momentarily hectic schedule, but if prolonged over years, then you’re just not priority over a 2 hour movie or worth sharing a meal over dinner.

3) People who completely disappear from your life.

This is the silent breakup in a friendship. Regardless of how often you met previously, or how personal your talk used to be, cut that benefit of the doubt bullshit:they no longer wish to remain friends with you.

4) People who don’t appreciate you.

Never be a door mat to anyone. You deserve so much more. If you’re the only one sacrificing in the friendship, move on, you deserve better.

5) People who have bad character.

You hand-picked them from the multitudes and you call them your friend, but sadly, they have now changed in such a way that you cannot respect their decisions. You constantly feel conflicted internally because their actions goes against your own moral values. Toxic alert. Never let anyone pollute your morality.

You cannot choose your parents, you cannot choose your birth country, but you have power to keep the friends who are worth your time and effort. Stop wasting time chasing after those who can’t be bothered with you, you have had a wonderful friendship with them in the past and now it has come to the end. If they meant a lot to you at one point, send this article link to them and tell them thank you for the friendship but this is the end.


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