The ‘Can’t Afford’ Zone.

How many times in your life have you attempted to plan your day, but decided well y’know, it’s a lot easier to just, see how it goes! And… you realise at 11pm you have done absolutely nothing at all.

People say, it’s not the number of days you live that matters, but by the number of days you felt like life’s worth living.

I’m not one who settles, I am an overachiever that always believes that there is something more in store for me, and so I strive to the best of myself every day of my life. Recently, however, I seem to have slipped into this familiar situation which they call ‘comfort zone’. I start to settle for a bare minimum job with bare minimum pay and having worked there for 3 years, I am at the end of the learning curve for that particular position.

Tonight, I realise that this seemingly comforting zone also comes with a negative mindset of i-can’t-afford-to. Should I try to start my own business? Should I try investing in bonds? I dismissed every single risk-taking thought simply because I was comfortable with being lazy, comfortable with being cowardly and comfortable with having a low confidence in myself. Tonight, it ends here.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna throw it all out on the table for a gamble. It means that whenever I have an inspiration (with some risks inevitably), I will do intensive research immediately, I will calculate my opportunity costs, I will consider the worst case scenarios and I will always believe that I am greater than my self-doubts.


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