Breaking the ‘Can’t Afford’ zone.

I have a friend who is exceptionally peculiar, every time I meet him he has these strange, unconventional concepts that makes you bewildered for days. For example, he recently told me that he saw this video about how you should do something that scares yourself every day. It can be something simple as taking a icy cold shower early in the morning or something absolutely insane like lying on the road. (crazy, right?!?!)

My friend, thankfully, is more sane than that. He did a non-life-endangering version of lying on a pavement where pedestrians walk on. He had to gather courage for days, but when he finally did it, he said it wasn’t as scary as he thought. Some people took pictures, some people asked if he’s okay, some people ask why did he do it. Although, I do think he should’ve picked something that doesn’t inconvenience others other tlike a goddamn roadblock, I can’t help but admire his courage. (Yes, his strangeness is rubbing off me)

As I’ve recently been trying to push myself out of my own comfort zone, as I call it ‘Can’t Afford’ zone, I’ve been trying to force myself into situations that makes me uncomfortable, just so I can challenge myself to be a more courageous and in control of my own self.

For example, I volunteered to play games at a radio booth where videographers were filming. I never cared about prizes or fame, but I care about building my confidence and public speaking skills. I eventually won first prize – a bunch of random useless freebies and a point to prove that I can stay calm under pressure and nervousness.

Condition yourself every single day to be the person you want to be. When the opportunity arises, push yourself right into it.

The other day I heard someone in my block having a heated quarrel, heavy objects (probably a cabinet) were thrown, followed by sounds of glass smashing. Everyone in my block and probably the next block could hear it, it was that loud. The shouting, the shattering didn’t stop for a good 10 minutes and I soon got worried. What if someone gets injured? What if it’s domestic violence? I knew the right thing to do is to call for help to investigate it, but the other part of me tries to convince me to mind my own business.

Will I regret the next day if the papers reported that somone was killed at my block? I definitely will. I remember how hard I trembled alone at the staircase to see which unit it is just so that it will assist investigations. “What if the perpetrator saw me? Will he throw something at me as well?”, I thought to myself. It was then I realised I needed to make the call. If I was so scared miles away, how would the victim feel? I made the call. The call of being unafraid of getting into sticky situations or getting embarrased by a false alarm, the call to being true to myself.


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